Everyone, all over the world, has the right to see well.

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Our Mission.

Eyes For The World® is an important non profit foundation and believes that everyone, all over the world, has the right to see well.

World health organizations do not always have solutions for this kind of problems.

Our challenge consists of helping these people in all corners of the world with self-adjustable glasses.

In collaboration with Center For Vision, who are responsible for the development of these glasses, we have committed ourselves to initiating projects worldwide together with ophthalmologists in order to help these people and especially children who suffer from poor vision.

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The numbers don't lie

young people

do not have access to vision correction which they actually need.



are victims of short-sightedness or myopia. Despite the fact that this problem can be easily solved with just a pair of glasses.


lives on


we have a solution to the problem

The Solution.

Self-adjustable glasses allow users to alter the power of the lenses in order to correct their own eyesight. Fashionable and lighter glasses will also be available for young people between the age of 8 and 18.

Eyes For The World® wants to distribute as many glasses as possible all over the world with the help of ophthalmologists and School Based Projects in collaboration with Child Vision.

Our aim is to follow up our projects in order to guarantee that the relevant needs are perfectly fulfilled, and moreover we want to assure the donor that his/her money is well spent!

The Ad-spec glasses

These glasses are filled with Dow Corning optical fluid, so that the power can be determined by filling the membrane with silicone. This is how we obtain a positive or a negative lens. This technique has been invented by Pr. Jushua Silver.

we bring all glasses ourself

Project: Uganda

This project is a collaboration with Obos. OBOS is the purchasing association for quality opticians. They offer them the right strategic concepts, know-how and passion.

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Project: Soweto & Limpopo

The donation of Service Club Agora Lokeren will be given to Eyes For The World®. 500 glasses will be delivered in Limpopo and Soweto on 12-19 april 2015.

Project: Colombia

This project is a collaboration with Agoriad. A socio-cultural organization which has the aim of promoting the Colombian culture through a variety of activities.

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JobStop: Myanmar

Do you feel like giving the right to good sight together with Eyes For The World®? Then this project is right up your street. Give people on projects in Myanmar a better view with self corrective eyewear.

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Belgian Red Devils for Eyes For The World®

The glasses will be distributed further in June in Rio, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

Belo Horizonte

  • Centro Cristâo Evangélico de Educaçao
  • Centro de Missões Urbanas
  • Associação Comunitária Compaixão
  • Criança Feliz

Sao Paolo

  • Padrechico
  • Fundaçäo Dorina
  • Laramara
  • Escola Municipal Ensino Vicente Bastos

Rio De Janeiro

  • Ciep Brizoläo 238-239
  • Colégio Estadual Alecrim
  • Centro educacional Raisabela

These projects were made possible thanks to:
Kristian Kahre, Eric Henno, Brendan Anson, Paul McMahon, Paul Heyman, Gracie Pires, Marcos Ximenes, Lut Goossens-Fabert, Ludo De Jonghe, Monica Panasco, Veerle De Jonghe, Fons Standaert, Bernard Quintin, Piet Ottevaere, Anna Van Der Wee, Alan Hall.

They've already donated

The profit of the Silverman party's were donated to Eyes For The World®.

Ronde Tafel Bornem

Round Table do a donation to the project of Myanmar

Agora Lokeren

The Agora Ladies do a donation to the project of Soweto

Roularta Media

The Roularta Media Group support Eyes For The World®.

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Our partners
  • Novartis
  • Agora Lokeren
  • Ronde Tafel Bornem
  • Pro Time
  • Roularta Media Group
  • Travaq
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Lens Factory
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